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Golden Ivory Cameo Brooch

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Golden Ivory Cameo Brooch. A maiden with upswept locks poses demurely in a portrait-style cameo. Handcrafted from shell in the centuries-old Italian tradition.


Because of the fact that Ivory is generally considered to be the bone of mammals, and most Ivory comes from elephants, walruses, and whales and poachers have killed so many that certain species are on the brink of extinction, use Ivory ONLY if you are very drawn to it. It can be found mostly in white or cream, although some shades of pink and yellow do exist. It is especially well suited for ailments of the bones, joints, and teeth.

Has many great benefits for the skin and the circulatory system. Helps you become more introspective and analytical. It may make you more in tune with animals and nature, but you have to have this desire in order to open a path for this expression. When considering Ivory for yourself, you must always consider why it is important to possess it.

If its spiritual value is great enough, you can proceed with the purchase and simply wrestle with the ecological ramifications (it would perhaps help to make a spiritual offering to the animal that died.) However, if Ivory were only perceived as jewelry that has nice side effects or as an object of great monetary values, then it would seem wisest to forget it.

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Click the link below to help you make your purchase, you will see the healing and manifesting properties of each stone, and which color can help to either attract the energy you wish to bring into your life, or to help push away from your personal energy field.

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