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 Tonya Somers now has her own line of gems, they are a mix of gold and silver and all with pretty large stones - the better for the healing work and if you are not looking for the healing work......the gems are just really pretty!

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Tonya Somers is a natural clairvoyant psychic healer with a great love of jewelry which is why she built this site and is now offering you so much 'more than gems'. For years she has worked with Florida Water, Incense, Sage and Sweet Grass to cleanse people's homes, restaurants, offices, warehouses, garages and her own home office.

The tools that she has always used in her healing work are: Sage to get the darkness gone then the Incense/Sweet Grass and Florida Water to bring all the goodness into the space - they all work together or separately to heal or cleanse your home, body, office, car, wedding, funeral any public gathering to balance emotions and make everything just go much more smoothly.

The reasons for the use of Sage it is a Native American Tradition in cleansing out darkness or evil energy, where sage has been burned they say nothing evil can then come into this space again. Then the Incense or Sweet Grass brings the positive energy back into your home. Crystals in your home helps to maintain the balance of good energy and keeps it that way.

Do you ever wonder why you are sick at work, but not at home, or sick at home but not at work? Is your office or home toxic? Is the furniture just in the wrong place? It could be bad Feng Shui. The first thing I would do is sage then burn the incense then start moving my furniture into the easy flowing energy of Feng Shui.

Everyone's Aura generates a large magnetic energy field that can be sensed, felt, and even seen around the physical body. We all can tell when someone doesn't feel good to us, like they are full of anger, or if they really live in their heart and feel deeply. All living things that need oxygen to survive have an aura. You do not need to be psychic to feel/read an aura. But you do need the tools to get rid of the energy and they are the Sage, Incense, Sweet Grass and Florida Water.

Start a bath mixed with Florida Water/Lavender Water while burning incense can totally help to remove the negative energy removal from your day at work or just people in general, have a white or pink candle lit while in the bath. Imagine dark chords attached to anyone that you do not want to be attached to and then as you remove the darkness, see them and the person attached turn to golden dust and blow them away. You will feel great! I do this exercise daily!

For more than a century Florida water has been famous throughout the world - not for one purpose alone, but for a score of everyday needs. This has a wonderful mixture of smells that you should spray weekly all over your house/office.

Why you ask? Each and every day we all come across negative energy, be it at work, store, traffic, family issues, any kind of public gathering, all of us tend to be a psychic sponge. When you just grab a hold of all the stuff out there in the everyday world you can get so tired or even physically sick then you need Florida Water it is a must for you.

Just spray it on yourself daily and possibly bathe in it to clear it all off of you and out of your personal aura. If you have a career like massage therapy, hair dresser or you are a nurse anytime you are actually touching people each day in anyway you also can just rub it on your hands between clients to wipe off any negative energy you just took on in that last session.

The first day that you start this as a personal habit you will sleep better each night, you will feel better at the end of each day and you will have energy when you get done with your job at the end of your day to enjoy your life be it a night out with family or friends you will not be tired and worn out from other people's energy left on you or in your aura.

Just mix it in a water bottle water it down 50/50 and spray in corners where energy tends to stay stuck, also in your office to diffuse all the bad thoughts people may hold during their work day and can get the co-workers ill on a daily basis. Smells very much like Lavender.

Smudging is the practice of cleansing away negative energy with smoke from various herbs or resins. This Native American tradition is becoming more common place as others discover the benefits of this ancient ceremony.

Sometimes the energy in a home may feel heavy or uncomfortable. If you have moved into a new home you may even experience bouts of depression or become prone to accidents or misfortune. This may be a sign that your home needs to be cleansed of bad energy. Bad energy can enter a home in many ways. It may be negative energy from previous owners or we can bring these energies home ourselves from the outside world.

Moving into a different home can often mean that the energy left behind by people who once lived there can still be lingering. In the paranormal and Christian world, these are called spirits. While some spirits are believed to be good, bad spirits can have serious negative affects on your life. Cleansing spirits from your house will yield a calmer environment that is more livable without negative influence.

Over the years any home will build up negative energy. This is due to arguments, negative thoughts, suicides or any other "bad" occurrences that may have happened on the property. Things may have happened that you're not aware of. It's always a good idea to cleanse your home whether it is a place you've lived in for years or somewhere you've just moved into. Sage will clean it up for you and people will notice.

Cleanse yourself first. You can take a shower but it's not necessary. But you do need to sage yourself. Light a sage stick. Make sure to put out the flame when you're sure it's lit. When it begins to smoke, encircle yourself in the smoke beginning at your head all the way down to your feet. This is called "smudging."

As your doing this say, 'Smoke of sage encircle me please rid me of all negativity.'

After Saging then you do the Sweet Grass:

Sweetgrass has been held sacred to Native Americans for millennia and is cherished for its pleasing aroma and use in spirituality and prayer. The Latin name for this ceremonial and healing botanical is hierchloe ordorata which translates literally as 'sacred grass'. This versatile sacred herb spans across culture and religion, and has similar ceremonial usages in many Northern European and Native American traditions. Sweet Grass braids are used as an incense for Native American Rituals and their sweet smell is said to please ALL of the spirits. Native American Sage is believed to protect against bad spirits, drawing them out of the body or soul and sage smudging is used to cleanse and ward off negative influences. Sweet Grass brings in the good energy.

The burning of incense is a sacred practice passed down to us from ancient times. It has played an integral part in all religious traditions, which have sought to consecrate every aspect of our life in the cosmos.

The only Incense I sell or use is the perfume of harmony. More than 147 years ago, This Family was inspired to create a new way to make incense. This process is still kept in the family and is known to no one else.

All Primo fragrances are prepared from carefully selected oils of exotic flowers, dried flower petals, sandalwood and other tree powders, charcoal and tree gums. Only the finest available materials are used for preparing Primo incense.

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