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Sacred Yellow Rose Reserve Incense


You will receive one package for $16.00 - this price includes the special house or work place, blessing done just for you by Tonya Somers.

This is the best incense to burn for many reasons, a great meditation, for a great clear feeling and to clear your energy around you. This is the best smelling incense and the purest for pulling the good energy to you and reflecting off the negative energy. I have personally only used this incense for over 35 years, I won't even sell or burn another brand.


The burning of incense is a sacred practice passed down to us from ancient times. It has played an integral part in all religious traditions, which have sought to consecrate every aspect of our life in the cosmos.


Incense is the perfume of harmony. More than 147 years ago, This Family was inspired to create a new way to make incense. This process is still kept in the family and is known to no one else.


All Primo fragrances are prepared from carefully selected oils of exotic flowers, dried flower petals, sandalwood and other tree powders, charcoal and tree gums. Only the finest available materials are used for preparing Primo incense.


The method of preparation is similar to bread making. First, all the dry powders are weighed and placed together in a large tub in separate piles. Then the tree gum is dissolved with the oil. The dry powders are mixed together and the tree gum/oil mixture is added to the dry mixture. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed together by hand until the oils are completely absorbed. Water is added to this mixture and it is kneaded to a dough-like consistency called Atta. The Atta and a bamboo stick are rolled together on a board until the stick is coated with the fragrant mixture. The sticks are then dried in the sun and bundled up for Primo.


May peace and joy fill your heart as you burn each stick.


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Pure Ultra Ground Charcoal, Clear White Bamboo, Flower Petals, Flower Essences, Amber Resins, Sandalwood (santalum album), Cedar (cedrus deodora), Vanilla Powder (vanilla planafolia), Gum Elemi (canarium luzonicum), Gum Opoponax (opoponnax chironium koch), Gum Labdanum (cistus ladaniferus), Gum Copal (bursera ordorata), Mastic (pistacia lentiscus), Gum Dammar (shorea wiesneri), Gum Myrrh (commiphora myrrha), Makko Powder (machillus thunbergil), Tragacanth Gum (astragalus species), Gum Olibanum-Frankincense (boswellia spp.), Gum Arabic (acacia nilotica), Gum Benzoin (styrax benzoin).


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Sacred Yellow Rose Reserve Incense