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This page has been marked down - everything is below $50 - I am closing the site has of May 1, 2017 - I can no longer afford to keep this site going with the competeion out there although my gems are better quality & will last a life time - many gem sites are selling for $5.00 now, mostly junk but I can not and do not want to compete with that kind of jewlery, 

The gems have all been charged up for healing energy some for over 5 years they are charged up!! You can buy them now for xmas next year and they will still hold the charge to help head aches, panis attacks, etc.

The blank site when it is closed out in May 1st, it will be for sale for $1,000, I have put over $3,000 into it so far, it is a great deal.  It would cost you $4000 to rebuild now.

So but these will be ready, just for you. 

Swarovski Blue Topaz Square Posts
Blue Topaz Ring in a sea of CZ's
Baby Blue Square Set
Bows of White Gold and CZ's

Aquamarine - Birthstone: March and Pisces

Aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March and is one of the most popular and best-known gemstones. It is a symbol of youth, hope, health and fidelity. Aquamarine was long thought to have a soothing influence on married couples, making it a good anniversary gift.

The most common cut for an aquamarine is the emerald type, followed by oval or pear shaped cuts. The Greeks and the Romans considered the aquamarine the most appropriate gift to give to a bride by her groom following the consummation of their marriage. In the middle Ages, the aquamarine was thought to be the most effective for fortune telling.

There are also many who regard it as a healing stone that aids in fluid retention; a further association with the water aspects of aquamarine. It helps to heal your heart, immune system, thymus, and lymph nodes. It is calming, uplifting, flexible, innocent, joyful, creative, communicating, self-knowledgeable, and confident. This stone helps you to release anxiety, fear, and restlessness.

Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive and mystical people. Increases creativity and sharpens intuition. This is an excellent stone for meditation. Helps one attune to nature. Quiets the mind and reduces stress. Helps bring about a tolerance toward others. Recommended as a purifier of the throat and helps sore throats. Clears blocked communication and aids the user in verbal expression.

This is a good stone for teachers, counselors, chiropractors, genetic engineers, lecturers, and massage, reiki and crystal therapy practitioners.

To know more about this stone click this link:

Welcome to More Than Gems........ After 8 years of semi - success.......we are closing down slowly.....these are all pretty and also very healing. What is now in stock is all that will be for the next few years. Until what is left in stock we will not be re-stocking.

All prices have already been lowered by 85% However what is in stock is on site & is currently listed at the sale price. You will never beat these prices!

You could have it all for $650