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This page has been marked down - everything is below $50 - I am closing the site has of May 1, 2017 - I can no longer afford to keep this site going with the competeion out there although my gems are better quality & will last a life time - many gem sites are selling for $5.00 now, mostly junk but I can not and do not want to compete with that kind of jewlery, 

The gems have all been charged up for healing energy some for over 5 years they are charged up!! You can buy them now for xmas next year and they will still hold the charge to help head aches, panis attacks, etc.

The blank site when it is closed out in May 1st, it will be for sale for $1,000, I have put over $3,000 into it so far, it is a great deal.  It would cost you $4000 to rebuild now.

So but these will be ready, just for you. 


Balancing and healing abilities of each gem stone:

Feeling blue? That's not surprising. Blue has a calming effect on the brain (read on to see how that works), and if you're in slow mode it can make you depressed. On the other hand, red is a stimulating color that brings out emotions and passion in people and can provoke anger. No wonder you may "see red" sometimes. Why green for envy? Well, it has been shown throughout the centuries that different negative emotions are stored in different organs. The liver is where envy goes. And the liver stores bile, which is green.

Bet you didn't know that color is also essential to your diet. Modern medical wisdom, specifically the National Cancer Institute, now says it is not enough to just "eat your greens." In fact, you should be sampling the entire color spectrum every day.

Why? Well, ongoing research shows that the bright colors in fruits and vegetables are important for you because they come from the phytochemicals inside them. Once you eat a fruit or vegetable, these protective substances pass into your body along with their protective benefits, affecting even your cell structure and DNA!

What Each Color Can Do for You
In general, colors of the red spectrum (magenta-red-orange-yellow) are warm and stimulating, which makes sense once you know that red stimulates the posterior hypothalamus that regulates the body's "fight-or-flight" response - the mechanism that tells the body it has to act now and fast.

On the other hand, colors of the blue spectrum (green-blue-indigo-violet) have proven to be calming and sedating. Again, that makes sense once you know that blue stimulates the anterior hypothalamus that regulates the parasympathetic nervous system, the mechanism that instructs your body to go into relax mode.

Red is not just an exciting color, it is even good for migraines and malignant tumors. It improves blood circulation and vitality, reduces anemia and provides vitamin B12. This stimulating color is good for your courage and self-confidence and has been shown to activate your body's adrenaline response, causing you to sit up and take notice. Salespeople are advised to wear something red.

Orange is the color of fun and cheer. Its warm, energetic hue is a strong antidote for depression, loneliness and boredom. It increases immunity, helps with digestion, eating disorders, food allergies and kidney problems. It is also good for respiratory disturbances like asthma and bronchitis. Orange and red both fuel the appetite.

Yellow has always been known as a cheerful color. Indeed this color of sunshine acts as an antidepressant that also fights fatigue and helps with skin problems and indigestion. It is good for your brain, metabolism, liver, spleen and kidneys, and it provides vitamin A. It stimulates creativity, good memory and fast thinking. Yellow is also believed to cleanse impure thoughts, pump up your endurance and help fulfill ambitions.

Blue is the color of the ocean. Think how you felt the last time you stood at the water's edge, watching the waves. Not surprising then that blue is a cool, calming, relaxing and refreshing color. Blue is a healing color as well. It's an antiseptic, and it's very helpful for pain - especially rheumatoid arthritis. It also heals injured tissue, nonmalignant tumors and skin and lung conditions. It lowers fever, and it's good for burns and sore throats

With its spot in the middle of the spectrum, green is a balancing color. Since it also represents nature, it's soothing and fresh and brings inner peace and happiness. Its calming effect, though, is not limited only to your state of mind. Green also relaxes all the organs. It destroys infection and is very effective for a long list of ailments including broken bones, head colds, ulcers, boils, eye disease, headaches, blood pressure, diabetes and heart troubles. Green gem medicines have been used especially for burns and skin diseases. In addition, green symbolizes prosperity, growth, healing and fertility.

Indigo calms the nerves and lymphatic system. It purifies the bloodstream, provides vitamin K and is beneficial for stomach disorders, migraines and cataracts. It is soothing to the eyes, ears and nervous system, and it also represents unity, honesty and gentleness. It has been used to treat mental disorders.

Violet symbolizes swiftness, encouragement and affection. It also provides vitamin D, and benefits mental disorders and the nervous system. Both violet and indigo bring on good, deep sleep

White is a mixture of all colors. It is the universal symbol for innocence, purity and peace. It is good for cancer, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), anorexia, bulimia, insomnia, jet-lag, shift-working as well as alcohol and drug dependency.